Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Friends blog!

My friend Dustin FireShard's blog (the link The FireShard) (the name was stolen from me) HAHA so check it out!


Monday, August 15, 2011

A married couple!

Today 8/15/2011 my friend (in wizard101) got married and I was the Preacher! Any who I have pictures from the after party, sadly none from the actual wedding. :(
Oh well here are the pictures!
This is the Bride and the Groom.
again the Bride and the Groom (and me :)
Just a bunch of us PARTYIN'!!!
Me and the Groom.
the dad and his daughter (newly wed to william lotushaven)
And just us hanging out together!
HAHA thats it :)


WOOT! KIfreegames ROCKS!

Ok so the other day I was playing KIfreegames you can find it hereKIfreegames and I won seeds, gold, card packs, my friend Dustin FireShard even got a pet, but one EPIC day I was playing and I won CROWNS! Not alot but crowns. :o
      So keep playin' KIfreegames!!!


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Me and ma friends

Ok so first off we have me and two of my best buds (they are brtoher and sister)
Haha don't we look amazeing :P
And now we have me and a REALLY nice guy and he stars in Ravenwood radio
Stephen Spirit Caller nice guy and just plain AWESOME!!!
further more me and a good friend, MY PROFESSOR!

That be about it HAHA ok LATA!!!

The first post (about the game and such)

Hello this is the first post to my new blog my old blog (NightFlames page) got messed up so I made this one. Ok now that we have that cleard up I am Alex NightFlame a myth wizard I made this blog to help out all you wizards with the game wizard101 witch you can find in this link ---> any who if you ever have a question you may send it to me at   and so on, Wizard101 is an Online MMORPG where you are a wizard in Ravenwood acadamy as either a life, myth, death, fire, ice, balance, or a storm wizard playing throug a bunch of different worlds (with a purchess of crowns or membership) meeting lots of friends (and enemies :P) doing quests, fighting monsters, and traing pets to fight by your side, or just getting gold to buy furniture for your house, castle, palace, or dorm room or just collecting pets, statues (ill call statue collecters Statanatics) heh even if you are just makeing friends to talk to it will allways be fun in the world of Wizardry!!!